Figma UI Kit and design system

Digital Products & Design Systems, Fast!

Start every project fast, with 1000's of ready-made consistent, accessible UI components.

Never start from scratch again!

Speed up & improve your design process

Packed with features that cater to both efficiency and creativity, it's the perfect ally for designers aiming to build exceptional digital products


Endless design options with thousand’s of ready-to-use UI components for any project.

Fully tokenised

Manage colours, spacing, and typography with a fully tokenised system.

Atomic design

Build complex UIs easily with our modular design approach

Inclusive design

Create accessible interfaces with optimised colours and contrast


Boost your workflow using Figma's best practices like Variants, Auto Layout, and more

Adaptable modes

Switch seamlessly between light, dark, and wireframe themes.

Fully documented

Get detailed documentation for every component and feature.

Regular updates

Enjoy continuous updates for the latest in design.

Superduper's core features

Explore the powerful capabilities that make Superduper a standout choice for designers. From tokenisation to Figma best practices and versatile components, every feature is designed to enhance your design workflow

Fully tokenised for flexibility

Effortless customisation and consistency

Colour variables
Easily adjust and maintain a consistent colour scheme across your designs with our predefined colour variables.
Number variables
Control spacing, radius, and other numerical properties with precision, ensuring uniformity and scalability
Light, dark & wireframe modes
Adapt to any project requirement with modes that cater to different design needs, from high-fidelity to wireframing.
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Optimised for Figma efficiency

Leverage Figma's powerful features

Auto layout
Streamline your design process with Auto Layout, enabling responsive and adaptive components that save time and effort.
Easy to customise & adjust
Superduper is built with customization in mind, allowing you to tweak and adjust components easily to fit your unique project needs.
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Robust components, ready for any challenge

Versatile, accessible, and user-friendly

Access a wide range of component variants, simplifying the design process and enhancing user experience.
Exposed nested instances
Gain granular control over component properties with exposed nested instances, offering unparalleled flexibility.
Tailor each component with ease, thanks to clearly defined and accessible properties.
Design for every user interaction with components that include multiple states, ensuring a dynamic and engaging user interface.

Superduper clones

Superduper Clones lets you tap into the design styles of popular apps.

Each clone transforms the Superduper UI kit to reflect the aesthetics of industry giants, giving you a head start on creating designs that resonate with users. It's a blend of visual appeal and proven functionality, all in one package


Superduper cloned with Airbnb’s design style
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1000’s of variants
Fully customisable
Fully Tokenised


Superduper cloned with Revolut’s design style
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1000’s of variants
Fully customisable
Fully Tokenised


Superduper cloned with CashApp’s design style
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1000’s of variants
Fully customisable
Fully Tokenised

Adapt to any style

Choose from a range of colour modes to fit the mood and context of your design. Super-duper offers versatility with Light, Dark, and Wireframe modes.

Light mode

Light Mode provides a clean and bright interface, ideal for a wide range of applications. It's perfect for creating designs that are fresh, readable, and visually appealing in well-lit environments.

Dark  mode

Dark Mode offers a sleek, modern look that's easy on the eyes, especially in low-light conditions. It's great for reducing glare and focusing on content, making it a popular choice for many users.

Wireframe mode

Wireframe Mode strips down your design to the basics, allowing you to plan layouts and structure without the distraction of colours and styles. It's an excellent tool for initial brainstorming and client presentations.

A UI kit for everyone

Whatever your role in design, Superduper is tailored to fit your needs. It's the versatile, comprehensive UI kit that adapts to students, freelancers, agencies, and product teams alike.


Accelerate your design education

Superduper is a learning accelerator for students, offering user-friendly components and educational resources to enhance UI/UX skills and portfolio development."


Fast-track your design projects

Ideal for solo designers and startups, Superduper provides ready-to-use, customisable components, saving time and focusing creative efforts on unique project aspects.


Optimise your agency workflow

Superduper streamlines agency projects with its modular, adaptable components, reducing repetitive work and enabling faster, client-tailored deliveries.

Product teams

Unify your product design

Superduper is the perfect foundation for product teams to develop or enhance their design systems, offering a comprehensive template with scalable, consistent components for seamless integration across products.

Pricing tailored for you

Available through UIClones subscription or as a one-off purchase

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Here's what we have in store for Superduper.

Launch of Superduper Unstyled Figma Desktop Component Library.
Release of the first set of Superduper Figma Unstyled Desktop clones
Superduper Unstyled Figma iOS/Android Component Library
Deployment of Superduper Webflow Library
Ongoing releases of new desktop & mobile clones and component updates